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Cloud solutions from Bern

Your infrastructure directly from the cloud

The outsourcing solution for foundations and companies in all industries.


The solution for agricultural accounting

The solution for agricultural trusteeships.


Drawing in the Cloud

Use graphics-intensive applications as SaaS from our data center.


Cloud platform for software manufacturers

We help you to offer your software as SaaS Cloud solution.


Unified Communications

The cross-platform communication solution from the cloud.


“Our solutions are suitable for companies, industries, foundations, communities and software producers of all sizes.”

Concentration on the core competence

Operating and maintaining a complex IT infrastructure is probably not the core competence of your company – ours is!
We implement the desired applications, develop interfaces and help you to realise and implement your ideas.
The solutions are available from our own data centre, from Microsoft Azure or on your own server infrastructure.


Application development

New technologies offer a myriad of new possibilities for almost every company. You know your business, we understand the transformation into the digital world. Together we develop concepts for the digitization of your business processes or create products that generate added value on both sides. We develop individual and sophisticated applications for you and build interfaces to existing systems. Our promise is this,
to operate the developed applications professionally, maintain them and modernise them as required.

IT from 100%
renewable energies

Our self-powered data centre has been running on 100% renewable energy since 2019. The entire building is equipped with solar panels on the roof and façade, making an important contribution to the electricity used to run the numerous customer applications and systems. The waste heat from the server system is also reused; we heat four companies with it and also supply them with hot water.

Service overview

What else we can offer you

We work in a self-developed, novel organizational structure - based on Holacracy and therefore without a hierarchy.

According to the motto “I am responsible”, we work in a team and with a lot of personal responsibility. With us, these people make the decisions that are best suited to this. Basically we are looking for people who are or want to become better than we are today! We want an efficient and flexible organization that keeps us dynamic and agile.

You can find out more in our Infopro Codex.

We’ll be happy to explain how it all works in person, just let us know beforehand and then come along – everyone is welcome.

„first-class working conditions“

Our working conditions are first-class in order to create an optimal environment. Experts work here who are constantly honing their skills. We attach great importance to personal development and offer scope for individual professional growth.

Roy Manigley

„We play to each other’s strengths.“

Thanks to our flexible and flat organisational structure, we play to the strengths of our team members. Thanks to this, our strengths are further developed instead of held back. Roles and tasks are assigned based on strengths and interests, this makes us strong and we get the chance to try new things. I've been able to contribute my knowledge and ideas from day one and the willingness to change is very visible. I can truly say I enjoy going to work and that I feel motivated.

Kevin Fafrowicz

"Energy and focus"

With our modern organisational structure, we have the right attitude, energy and focus to develop professional solutions. As team players, we support each other and strive to improve every day.

Shiron Nallathamby

„Do what you do best“

I started working for Infopro AG as a part-time job while studying business informatics. I was able to develop constantly and had a new job profile every year. I find this flexibility brilliant and motivates me to deal with new challenges.

Yvonne Zürcher

"Modern Mindset and Individualised Empowerment"

One's own interests are strongly promoted in Infopro. Motivated and determined personalities have the chance to learn and achieve a lot through our form of organisation. Age or experience do not play a role. In Infopro you don't stand still, you develop further every day. For me, the notorious "hamster wheel" does not exist in Infopro.

Adrian Zurbruegg

„Our organization is agile and flexible“

Our organisation is alive, agile and flexible - adapting to change rather than shying away from it. The future holds countless possibilities and we are ready to welcome them with open arms.

Fatjana Golla

"An organisation and solutions that inspire"

The future-oriented organisational form in combination with the competent team motivates and creates the basis for developing professional solutions even in fast-moving times.

Tobias Bircher

"Every day is a new challenge"

At Infopro, new challenges await you every day. As a competent and motivated team, we are ready to master the challenges we face. For us, one working day is not like another. So the word "boredom" is a foreign word for us. We are always evolving and learning something new.

Jey Kadirgamanathan

"I wake up in the morning and look forward to work"

At Infopro we are more than just "work colleagues", we are a well-coordinated team of experts. Here everyone gets involved and helps the others. You always develop yourself and the company further and can realise yourself the way you want to. I love my job and it is a priceless feeling to wake up in the morning and look forward to work.

Roland Müller


If you really get involved in our form of organisation, you can personally develop much faster and more purposefully than in a classic organisation. If nobody puts obstacles in your way, you don't have to run faster to reach your destination faster.

Florian Koeberle

"Infopro does a reliable job"

A cloud solution is only as good as its infrastructure. Therefore, we give everything to have a stable and at the same time performant system.

Beat Wüthrich

"Here I can realise myself"

After a long time in IT support at a large company, I was looking for new professional challenges. I found what I was looking for at Infopro and can develop not only professionally but also personally.

Michael Heiniger

"I chose Infopro to start my career".

I just finished my studies at the technical college and chose Infopro to start my career. Infopro delegates responsibility to employees and the functioning of the company is based on mutual trust. Infopro also offers opportunities to work in different areas of IT and thus deepen knowledge or acquire new skills. All this makes it the perfect company to start your career with.

Luca De Laurentiis

"Innovations for 30 years"

More than 30 years ago, we started converting customers from typewriters to personal computers. For some of these customers, we are still the partner for innovation in their working environment.

Martin Koeberle

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others."

Innovative and solution-oriented - Working at Infopro inspires me every day.
Due to our organizational structure, new ideas, innovations and solutions are quickly introduced.
At Infopro, I can face interesting challenges on a daily basis and thus optimally develop myself and achieve my goals.
This makes work fun - especially when you can rely on a well-coordinated team with strong know-how.

Christian Lüthi

"Be yourself and not just any number"

Here you are not just any employee, you are yourself and bring your strengths and characteristics to the team. For me, Infopro stands for innovation and progress, we strive to be pioneers and to use the best of new technologies and methods for our customers and ourselves.

Stephan Mathys

"The best training is still in doing it on your own".

At Infopro, thanks to the flexible organisation, I can reconcile work and studies and still have a good work-life balance. Here I can work with new and innovative technologies and put the theory from my studies directly into practice.

Thusanth Ratna

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